About Us


We hail from a large family of beach lovers, and we’re grateful for the many days we’ve been lucky enough to spend by the ocean. In an “a-ha” moment, we realized that the beach is a special place for MANY people. In fact, scientific research has shown that a day spent near the water brings deep contentment, feelings of security, and complete relaxation. We decided to take our deep love for the beach, and to make it into a family business. We celebrate the beach with classic, comfortable, custom-designed apparel and accessories. Much of our apparel is sun protective, which makes for a safe, enjoyable, day outdoors. We really try to have fun with our designs, while at the same time maintaining a classic look, and an uncompromising quality.

We appreciate your business and we wish you many happy beach days ahead. Go out and find your big blue space. A day with sandy feet can’t be beat!


We extend our core family values to our brand. We give back by donating 10% of our net profits to beach and ocean causes. Our number one company goal is to provide happy beach days, or days out on the water, to those people who cannot easily experience the invigorating powers of a day by the water.  Sometimes these funds are earmarked for inner-city sailing lessons;  one of our first "give back" initiatives was to  provide apparel to a nonprofit group that treats children with physical and intellectual disabilities to a perfect day of boating. This year, we hope to  treat a family fighting cancer to a weekend away by the seashore.    More often than not, because we are still a small company, the monies fund simple gestures, like providing coffee and muffins to a beach walker's club for seniors, or paying for swimming lessons for families in need of financial assistance.  We like to say that our brand "feels good to wear, AND feels good to care!"

We oversee Sharks On Shore with transparency, kindness, and humor, and we'll continue to learn as we go!