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Way back in The Stone Age, when I attended college, my cronies and I used to take a lot of pictures.  Only it was vastly different than it is now.  It required work. We had to traipse around with a bulky camera all night, and to hope that we remembered to turn the flash on.  There was ‘red eye’ galore, and there were many wasted snapshots of the floor or the ceiling.  What’s more, we had to send the film away to be developed, and it would sometimes be weeks before we’d have the actual pictures in hand. We often laugh about how foreign this concept seems now, and we wish that we could do a “redo” of  a weekend of college with an iphone, just to see how much easier things like music mixes and communication with friends would be.  This younger generation has absolutely no idea how easy they have it, in so many ways…  But, I digress.   My point is, my pals and I took a lot of pictures in college; after a big dance, or a fun weekend, we’d wait in eager anticipation to see the developed film return, via a big wad of a package from some mail order photo lab that had the cheapest rates. 


I can remember it like it was yesterday.  One of us would come back from the campus center with the photo lab package in hand, and we’d all go bounding down the hall in anticipation of the unveiling. Only, more often than not, the pictures were NOT the most becoming representations of us. We definitely didn’t have the benefit of Photoshop, or of  filters.  For example, some of the snapshots looked like a few of us might have been over-served at the bar we frequented.  Others showed that we may have put on a few extra pounds in our college years. Sometimes the pictures left us horrified by our appearances, and/or our actions.  Usually, we all laughed it off, downplayed the scary details of the particular picture, and moved on to the next 4 x 6 in the pile.  We had one friend, however, who always managed to remind us: “Pictures don’t lie.” At the time, we never let her hear the end of her friendly reminder, and we mocked her forever about coming out with such a “Whopper” of a statement.


Now, however, in my older and wiser years, I have come to see the wisdom of ”pictures don’t lie.” I think the truth in the statement came to me when my young daughter found an old picture of me from the “eighties;” upon viewing the relic, she asked me how I had gotten a hold of the curtain dresses from “The Sound of Music.” I have to admit, in the picture, the hunter green floral Laura Ashley dress with giant puffy sleeves did suddenly look like the good Captain’s drapes.  My daughter was right. What I thought was fashion forward came alive as the hills of Austria in the photo.  Pictures don’t lie.  I have since applied the principle to many a photo, and it seems to be rock solid. Recently, I looked over pictures of when my children were little, and I had four children ages six and under; in the snapshots, I looked like I hadn’t combed my hair or slept in weeks. Yep – pictures don’t lie.


What does all of this crazy picture talk have to do with our beach apparel company, you ask? Well, on July 13thof this year, we were fortunate enough to be a small part of Danny’s Journey; started by Evan and Pam Vigneau to honor the memory of their Dad and husband who passed away, Danny’s Journey is  an amazing  organization that treats children with special needs and their families to a day out on the water.  Volunteers, friends, and local businesses joined together for the eighth annual  event, which featured a day of boating and a cookout at the Green Harbor Yacht Club.  This year’s event was a perfect day, filled with fun, laughter, friendship and memories.


Thanks to wonderful customers, to a great company launch, and to a warm summer with sun protection apparel at a premium, we were lucky enough to be able to provide some boating apparel to the Danny’s Journey volunteers and participants.  It was a beautiful sunny day, and our bucket hats, sun shirts, and neck gaiters were put to good use.  Being a small part of this wonderful event made our hearts happy, and our heads clear.  It reaffirmed that our little company is on the right path, and that our mission is real. It made us want to strive to do our best to grow and to be more impactful for beach communities and ocean causes everywhere.


Below you will see some fantastic pictures from the event, courtesy of  Marshfield photographer Dan Connolly.  You’ll see the beautiful blue sky, the glistening water, and the infectious smiles.


Pictures don’t lie.



For more information on Danny's Journey please visit their Facebook Page:

Danny's Journey VII.

To contact Marshfield Photographer Dan Connelly, email him at


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