A Shade Different From the Rest

Posted by Beth Stevens on

As part of our quest to keep you informed of all things relating to the "big blue space," we will frequently send a "shout out" to interesting and noteworthy "people, places or things." This week's "shout out" goes to See2Sea eyewear company, an Italian business that sells upscale sunglasses.  The interesting thing about these very attractive and well-made shades is that they are made entirely out of 100% recycled sea plastic.  Specifically, they scour the ocean floor for fishing nets, that haven't been properly disposed of, and have instead landed in the bottom of the sea.  If not for See2Sea salvaging these synthetic nets, they would take more than 500 years to decompose.  See2Sea collects these nets by the ton, and repurposes them into sleek specs.  Here is the link to their website, which includes a detailed video about their amazing story.  After watching their video, we were amazed to learn that by 2050, scientific experts predict that the ocean will contain more plastic than fish.  Scary stuff.  https://www.sea2see.org/

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