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Okay, we'll admit it. One of our guilty pleasures is to flop on the couch after a long day, and to watch  Shark Tank.  With our company name, it makes sense right? In fact, years of watching all of those scrappy and resourceful entrepreneurs pitch their products helped inspire us to start our own company.  It's really amazing to hear some of the participants stories, and to see how the panel of business rock stars reacts to each company's presentation. Also, it's really reassuring to know that 99.9% of these companies were not instant successes - hard work, and lots of challenges were met on the path to product launch.  What's also really exciting, is to follow the journey of some of our  Shark Tank product favorites, and to see many of these Shark Tank products "go viral" in the consumer marketplace. Almost all of the products that achieve immense success solve a problem in the marketplace, and do it very well. Here are a few of our favorites from over the years.  They all make great and unique gifts. Maybe they will inspire you to start a side hustle of your own. 


Bottle Bright Natural Cleaning Tablets for Water Bottles and Beverage Containers

Metal and aluminum water bottles are all the rage these days, as well they should be. One challenge with these water bottles, however, is to figure-out the best way to keep them clean.  Many of the Hydro Flask, S'well, Yeti, and other metal bottles do not recommend dishwashing; plus the fun stickers plastered around many people's water bottles would not survive the dishwasher. These amazing tablets will solve your bottle cleaning problems, easily and spectacularly. All you do is fill the container to be cleaned with hot water, drop in a fizzy Bottle Bright cleaning tablet, wait 30 minutes, and rinse. These all natural tablets will bring your water bottle back to good, and eliminate tough stains and odors. The perfect gift for VSCO girls and those trying their best to reduce plastics!


Radiate Portable Campfire

It's always the thought of the warm inviting campfire that gets you back to the campground, year after year. Memories, stories, cocktails, marshmallows - all revolve around the cozy campfire. Nobody ever talks about the crappy night's sleep, or the lack of amenities, when there is a glowing campfire to surround. The only problem is, unless you have an Eagle Scout in the family, the beloved campfire is a tremendous challenge to get-going, and a constant safety worry. Well, the Radiate Portable Campfire is a game-changer, when it comes to lighting a fire in the woods, the beach, or the backyard. It's incredibly easy, and safe. It will bring-out the "Happy Camper" in everyone!




Toadfish Suction Cup Can Holder

There's nothing worse than spilling a perfectly good can of beer or soda all over the floor. The sticky mess is aggravating and downright depressing. Well, spilling cans will be no more, with this super-cool non-tipping suction cup can-holder.  This sporty stainless steel can cooler will keep your drink icy cold, with its double wall vacuum insulation; the innovative suction cup technology allows the can cooler to stick to any smooth surface.  For example, it can stick to a boat, a riding lawnmower, a table, you name it.  This amazing accessory is a must-have!  An added touch for this product: for every one sold, Toadfish replenishes 10 square feet of new oyster beds. We just love great products that help beach and ocean causes!


Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook

This smart notebook absolutely blows our minds. It looks like a traditional spiral notebook, but it's been custom designed for the digital age. With a pen from the Pilot Frixion line (one is included with notebook purchase), this notebook becomes endlessly reusable and connects to most cloud services. All of the writing in this notebook can be easily erased with a damp cloth, or with 20 seconds in the microwave. Technology meets pen and paper!


PhoneSoap Cell Phone Sanitizer and Universal Charger

Truth: a cell phone has 18X more bacteria than a public rest room.  Throughout the day, all the bacteria you touch on grocery carts, gas pumps, doorknobs, and even other people are transferred and stored on your cell phone. YUCK! Germophobes will especially rejoice with this amazing cell phone sanitizer, that doubles as a phone charger. PhoneSoap's powerful UV-C light is totally safe for electronics while killing 99.99% of germs. 

 This product makes so much sense, and makes a terrific gift for so many - we wash our hands to stay healthy, why aren't we washing our cell phones?

LuminAID PackLite 2-in-1 Phone Charger Lanterns

We simply can't say enough good things about these phone charger lanterns. They are terrific for emergencies, and they are awesome for camping and for outdoor recreation.  Also, because they are waterproof, these lanterns are great for the beach or for boating. Lightweight, durable, and collapsible (packs down to a 1" thick accessory, but inflates to a full size lantern), these lanterns are handy, and easy to store or to pack. A thick strap is part of the design, allowing the LuminAID to easily clip onto backpacks.


Drop Stop

Keys, credit cards, crumbs, food, pens, jewelry, makeup - you name it, and it falls in between the seats. This super-handy, reasonably priced product prevents everything from slipping through the cracks of your car seat.  Drop Stop's universal black neoprene casing is a completely streamlined gap blocker, and becomes almost invisible once you install it. What's more this, genius product prevents distracted driving. This product is a perfect gift, and makes so much sense!



Safe Grabs

How many times do you need to burn the beejeezus out of you hands, taking a dish out of the microwave, before you decide to do something about it? This inexpensive, multi-purpose product is a great help, when it comes to microwave use.  Not only does it make grabbing things from the microwave easy, it also can multi-task: it's perfect as a trivet, a splatter guard, a potholder, or even a leverage for opening tough jars. Made from food grade silicone, Safe Grabs, are BPA free, dishwasher safe, and heat resistant to 475 degrees. 



Flip It Bottle Emptying Kit

The United States as a whole wastes more that $160 billion in food each year. This simple but amazingly functional gadget will help you do your part to prevent needless waste.  Flip-It helps save time, money and frustration by getting every last drop of product out of bottles. Your ketchup bottle will thank you. 


The Comfy Sherpa Blanket Sweatshirt


Anyone who has stood on the sidelines, watching young athletes and praying for the game to end before the pneumonia sets-in, will appreciate this fun, cozy and super-warm sweatshirt blanket. This product is genius in its simplicity; it will be your go-to for Fall and Spring sports seasons! What's more, it's now available in all sorts of fun colors. There really is no worse feeling than being cold; this comfy blanket hoodie delivers cozy warmth, inside the house or outside the house. 

BottleKeeper Beer Bottle Insulator

This gift is the perfect gift for beer lovers. This insulator will keep beer colder for longer; the cap has a handy beer opener and tether.  Also, this insulator makes for safer, more discreet drinking, as the glass beer bottle is concealed into the insulator.  

 We hope that you find these products to be as helpful and as much fun as we do!

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