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Today, I learned a little bit about the importance of putting your New Year's resolutions down on paper; apparently,  this is a critical component of sticking to your goals. Multiple research studies have shown that those who wrote down their goals and their dreams on a regular basis had a much higher chance of achieving those desires than those who did not.  In particular, Dr. Gail Matthews, a psychology professor at Dominican University in California, did a study on goal setting with  267 participants; she found that participants were 42% more likely to achieve goals simply by writing them down. Crazy stuff, huh?

Essentially, the act of writing demands a level of seriousness and clarity that just thinking about these resolutions does not.  This is all backed by science, and brain function.  It's all fascinating, and it can get very detailed.  The written list literally tells your brain: "This matters to me.  I am serious about this."  

I've always been one for writing down lists, even if the lists are in chicken scratch, on a sticky note.  I've found that going through this process really does help to give my life purpose, and to make my ideas seem significant.  Most of my lists have gone the way of the "circular file," but some I have kept; for example, I still have the sticky note with the rough sketch of the Sharks On Shore logo, and the "Beach People Are Good People" mantra. Maybe some day I'll frame it!

In the interest of helping you CRUSH your goals for 2019, I have a couple of "freebies" for you.  The first is a blank 2019 Resolutions Checklist, for you to completely fill out on your own.  The second is the same Checklist, with a few action verbs to help you fine-tune your goals, and to set you on your journey!

We hope that you find these checklists helpful.  Don't be afraid to set BIG GOALS. Let's "go and get it" in 2019!

Wishing you all the best this year,

Beth and The Sharks

P.S. Transform your goals into reality even further: SHARE your written list with a friend who believes in your ability to succeed! YOU make your resolutions happen, but sharing them with a great friend or family member is fun, and the support can be very helpful!

Here are the FREEBIES:




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