Sweet Dreams 'Till SUNBEAMS Find You!

Posted by Beth Stevens on

When Mama Cass and the Papas crooned these sweet lyrics in 1968, tanning was more common than ever.  Americans worked really hard on maximizing their tans, and delighted in that "after sun" glow.  Now, we know that skin exposure to those beautiful sunbeams can cause cancer, and wrinkles.  Even Christie Brinkley, the golden-haired poster babe of the 1980s recently lamented that one of her biggest beauty regrets was tanning when she was younger!

We hope that you will find our many sun protective products to be cool, comfortable ways to combat sun exposure.  Thanks for checking us out, as we launch our little company, with a big bite! We've pushed off the dock, set sail at sunrise, and jumped into the deep end of the water! 

The Sharks


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