12 Amazon Products for the Beach that We are LOVING this Summer

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We are SERIOUS beach people.  So when we find seriously great products to help make a perfect beach day, we believe that we have a moral obligation to pass this information along!  Here are 12 items that we have been using regularly at the beach, and LOVING this Summer.  All of these products can be ordered easily and quickly on Amazon - we even provide the link below each item, that brings you directly to the product page.  It was interesting to note that all of the products on our list also had great customer reviews on Amazon - we guess those reviews really aren't just smoke and mirrors! 

Happy Summer! We hope you find these items as cool, as useful,  and as much fun as we do!


1.) Portable Wooden Beach Table With Carrying Case

There is no denying that great beach days are amplified by afternoon appetizers and cocktails.  This handy table takes care of this setting, and becomes the centerpiece for beach cocktail hour.  The table looks great, and it is super easy to put together. The wooden legs screw into the wooden top.  No tools required, AND a handy carrying case for easy beach travel. Bring on the snacks!

Order Portable Wooden Beach Table Here

2.) Slapsee Folding Snap Sunglasses

These handy sunglasses are so genius that we wish we had thought of them.  Similar to the "slap bracelets" that were a fad a few years back, these glasses take that technology, and insert it into a pair of folding wayfarer glasses. Instantly, the sunglasses gain the ability to snap securely onto your wrist, attach to a bike, a cooler, you name it.  Kids LOVE them, and they are a great way for parents to ensure that sunglasses don't get left behind.  What's more, they are inexpensive and perfect for Summer travel.  In particular, they are terrific for Disney and other amusement park visits, because they will not fly-off heads during rides! 


Order Snapsee Folding Sunglasses

 3.) Orange Screw - The Ultimate Ground Anchor

We saw one of these super-handy, bright orange screws sticking out of the sand, and  anchoring a big dog on a long leash at the beach. We decided we needed to get the product name.  The "Orange Screw" is so durable and useful for so many things, it's hard to list them all ----- anchor a canopy, hold a tent or umbrella in place, keep a leash grounded, you name it.  The screws are made from recycled materials, in the U.S.A., and guaranteed for life. 

Order Orange Screw Here

4.) Light Up Soccer Ball

We will admit, we were highly skeptical about this product at first. We had never heard of it, and the ball requires batteries to be installed (which are included, but still!).  The stellar reviews on Amazon made us decide to give it a try, and we are so glad that we did! The light-up, durable ball is a really fun product, that will give kids an instant summer memory.  Gather a group and play some night soccer!

Order Nightmatch Light Up Soccer Ball

5.) Waboba Water Lacrosse

Lacrosse seems to be the sport of choice for many, and these fun water sticks do not disappoint.  Fans of the Waboba water ball will appreciate this new product, and it will provide endless hours of fun in the water. Get your game on!

Order Waboba Lacrosse Set

6.) Guacamole Keeper

There is NOTHING worse than heading to the Farmer's Market, buying the deliciously perfect fresh ingredients for "guac," laboring over a big batch of guacamole, only to have it turn brown in a matter of hours.  This amazing kitchen gadget solves this problem effortlessly! The air-tight container looks great for serving, and seals up the guac so tightly that browning is not a possibility. Fresh guacamole for days!

Because really, a Summer without good guac is a Summer wasted. 

Order Guacamole Keeper Here

 7.) Water Bottle Ice Cube Tray

With many of us making a big effort to move away from plastics, metal water bottles like S'Well and Hydroflask offer a great alternative; however, these great water bottles do not play nicely with traditional ice cubes!  There are many cheap trays that would work for water bottles, but this one is by far the best; it eliminates spillage in the freezer, is super easy to use, and is extremely durable.  The OXO kitchen supply name never disappoints. 

Order Water Bottle Ice Cube Tray Here

8.) Waterproof Cell Phone Case for the Beach

There is so much to do and see at the beach, we don't condone burying your face in your iPhone; however, for safety reasons and photo opportunities, we understand the need for cell phones at the beach.  This incredible waterproof case will keep you and your cell phone investment at ease.  

Order Waterproof Cell Phone Case Here

9.) Tidal Ball - An Epic Summer Beach Game

We are  people who do not like to sit and bake in the sun.  So, we invest in beach toys: paddle boards, rafts, corn hole, ladder ball, Can Jam, Spike Ball,  the list goes on.  A friend suggested this great game, and we are so glad that they did! It is simple and compact ( in fact, it fits easily inside the beach bag), AND it's a whole lot of fun.  Dig a small trench with the shovel they include, and get to competition.   There is a reason this game is selling like crazy on Amazon!

Order Tidal Ball Game Set Here

10.) Small Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker 

Music tells a story of Summer every year, and this small but powerful speaker will not let you down.  It's super easy to set-up, and  cranks the tunes so well that you'd swear the sound was coming from a big, high-tech, expensive speaker.  This speaker fits easily in the beach bag, and it's waterproof, too.  Don't believe us? Check the solid 5 star reviews.  

 Order Small Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker Here

 11.) Sun Bum Face 50 Dermatologist Recommended Sunscreen

It's hard to get teenagers to agree to put sunscreen on in the first place; then, when the sunscreen causes breakouts and blemishes, it's a huge problem. This sensitive skin friendly, water resistant sunscreen solves this problem in a flash! Recommended by dermatologists, this fun brand covers all the bases, and the faces. As the company likes to say: "Trust the Bum!" 


Order Sun Bum Face Here

 12,) Large Mesh Bag for Beach Toys

It's hard to schlep the kids to the beach, with all the gear that is necessary.  This handy, inexpensive mesh bag is the perfect solution to get the kids, and their toys, to the beach a little bit easier.  Sling the bag over your shoulders, and you still have a hand to grab the cooler and the little hands!

Order Large Mesh Bag for Beach Toys Here






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