Beach Safety 101: Beach Umbrellas Are Dangerous Weapons

Posted by Beth Stevens on

This last stretch of summer can bring windy beach days, and it is imperative that you make sure your beach umbrellas are secure.  Just last week, a 13 year old boy was impaled by a beach umbrella while vacationing in Massachusetts. The umbrella flew up in the air and hit the poor boy right in the shoulder, requiring multiple stitches.

It turns out, these "freak accidents" aren't so freak; statistics show that over the past 10 years, more than 31,000 were treated in hospitals worldwide for beach umbrella-related injuries.  Some of those injuries were relatively minor, while others resulted in loss of eyesight and brain damage.  

We've found a simple, cost-effective fix for this "flying umbrella" problem.  It's called a Beach Anchor, and it is ingenious. Available on Amazon and delivered in no-time, this kit consists of a collar that slips on easily to your beach umbrella, and sturdy waterproof material that hooks up on to the collar.  Fill the material pockets with sand, and your umbrella is suddenly equipped to withstand 40 mph winds!

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