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We thought we'd put together a Spring "Bucket List," to accompany our fabulous bucket hats.  Here is our list so far.  Do you have any great bucket list items to add? We'd love to hear from you!

 1.)  Book those paddle board lessons.  Plan a summer camping trip, even though you've never camped a day in your life.  Learn to play golf.  Life is short. Get started on the good stuff.  Embrace the unknown!


2.) Spend time outdoors! Bask in nature.  The pure air will invigorate you. 

3.) Besides being a terrific workout, and an amazing stress reliever, riding a bike is just flat-out-fun.  Spend an afternoon on two wheels, and it becomes impossible to take yourself too seriously. #thekidsareontosomething


4.) Spring cleaning gets rid of the dust and allergens collected all winter and clears out some clutter. Not to mention the mental health benefits of a clean home - studies have shown that it improves mood tremendously and reduces the risk of depression!



5.) Why not smile and say hello to a passerby during your walk in the park, or your run on the beach?  Simple social interactions make a big difference.  There is a surprising power to "Hello." #greetingsmatter


6.) Celebrate the warm weather by treating yourself to an ice cream cone, a car wash, or a potted plant. The local businesses in your town will most definitely appreciate it! 



7.) It's hard not to treat yourself critically, when social media churns-out other people's "seemingly perfect lives" on a daily basis. COMPARE AND DESPAIR! Don't worry about externals. Instead live authentically.  #onlycompareyourselftoyouryesterday 



8.) Isn't it exhilarating to hit the road? Even if you don't have a fancy convertible, and even if your destination is just the sub shop one town over, it is worth the trip.  Total mind cleanse.

9.) With a time commitment of only a few months, and a promise of meetings on the beach, who can resist a Summer Book Club?

Entice potential members with an offer to include signature summer drinks and seasonal appetizers, and your Summer Book Club with soon be an annual event!

10.) Who doesn't love a good hat?  There's a reason why "the man with the yellow hat" is a legend in children's lit!  A fun hat just makes you feel special. And our summer hats make you feel special, SUN SAFE, and happy.  Win, win.


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