Fat's Where It's At!

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We have a delicious tradition in our family where, every time we have a snow day, we make chocolate chip banana bread.  Nothing is better than coming in from shoveling and playing in the snow, and being greeted by the sweet-smelling bread, baking in the oven. The problem is, the banana bread is supposed to be a sometimes treat. Here in New England, we've had four Nor'Easters in a row; suddenly, we realize we've been stuffing our faces with the decadent banana bread, going on a full month now. As a result of said banana bread (and also maybe because of our insistence that our taco dip and chips were the very reasons for the Patriots' playoff run), we find ourselves a bit thicker in the middle.  This was all well and good, until last Tuesday, when the calendar flipped to Spring.  While it certainly does not feel like Spring, the planners in us feel the sudden need to prepare ourselves for the warmer weather.  Let's be honest, warm weather clothing is much less forgiving than cold weather garb.  In the interest of dusting off the bin of summer clothes, we give you two links.  The first, is a link to "7 Steps to Get Fit Before Summer."  This article offers a few simple and practical ways to approach healthy living, in advance of the warm weather season.  In fact, the website, skinnyms.com is a great source of recipes and ideas for busy people in need of healthy living tools. Spring into action!

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The second link is an original copy of the "Chicken Fat" recording from the 1960s. The song was written by Meredith Wilson, the creator of "The Music Man," and it is sung by the original star of  "The Music Man," Robert Preston.  John F. Kennedy showed his commitment to improving the health of the nation, by sending a 6 minute version of this  song out to schoolchildren throughout the country.  The older set among us may remember it being played in school gymnasiums, during workout routines.

The song is guaranteed to get stuck in your head; viewing the video and listening to the song will certainly show you how far the fitness industry has come in fifty plus years! Maybe it's pure nostalgia, but we find the clip oddly motivating. Enjoy, and "Go you chicken fat, go!"

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